• In March, Barbara was diagnosed with an aggressive malignant brain tumor, called a glioblastoma.
  • She was the first patient to be treated in a focused ultrasound clinical trial at the University of Virginia.
  • Read Barbara’s story and learn about her hopes for how focused ultrasound could affect her future and that of countless others.

  • The meeting covered methods for confirming and quantifying drug/therapeutic delivery following blood-brain barrier opening (BBBO).
  • Representatives from the Foundation and focused ultrasound experts from five leading institutions participated.
  • A follow up consortium was created to further address the topic.

  • The Foundation supports the modernization of our healthcare policies to drive innovative medical technologies and improve patient outcomes, as expressed in the recent 21st Century Cures 2.0 discussion draft.

  • Sonodynamic therapy (SDT) uses focused ultrasound to activate compounds called sonosensitizers, which then produce a local cytotoxic effect.
  • Researchers recently published a preclinical safety study and a review of the technology as used in gliomas.
  • A first-in-human clinical trial using SDT to treat glioblastoma is now recruiting in Arizona.

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