• The Foundation is proud to host an intern as part of the Economic Club of Washington, DC’s summer internship program.
  • The Foundation joins an impressive list of international companies participating in the program.

  • A multicenter, randomized controlled trial for palliatively treating the pain from bone metastases in cancer patients is underway in four European countries.
  • In all, 216 patients will receive one of three proven treatments, including focused ultrasound.
  • All treatment centers and the Foundation partner in the FURTHER consortium, which recently held its 2nd annual symposium.

  • Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) is a major cause of disabling back pain.
  • Focused ultrasound is being researched in preclinical studies and holds promise to help patients with DDD.
  • The National Spine Health Foundation published an article on the topic by the Foundation’s Associate Chief Medical Officer.

  • NaviFUS is a Taiwan-based manufacturer that is developing novel focused ultrasound brain systems.
  • Their devices are currently in human clinical trials for the treatment of brain tumors and epilepsy.
  • Biomechanisms in development include blood-brain barrier opening and neuromodulation.

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