Director, Commercial Initiatives & Strategy


The Focused Ultrasound Foundation is a unique, medical research, education, and advocacy organization created as the catalyst to accelerate the development and adoption of focused ultrasound by streamlining the process and overcoming barriers. Based in Charlottesville, but with a global reach, the Foundation is a tax exempt, high-performance, entrepreneurial, service organization that is market-driven and results-oriented.

FUS Partners Program

FUS Partners serves as a galvanizing force in facilitating the rapid acceleration of commercialization of focused ultrasound technology.  The FUS Partners team fosters relationships within the commercial ecosystem, encouraging partnerships between researchers, start-ups, larger strategic players, and the capital markets.  Essentially FUS Partners provides management consulting and investment banking advisory without fee or prejudice to all members of the focused ultrasound community.   

Job Summary

The Director will coordinate regularly with the Managing Director, Operations and FUS Partners and intermittently with the CEO and Board of Directors to advance the mission of the Foundation by performing key activities related to industry and commercialization of focused ultrasound.  The Foundation is located in Charlottesville, Virginia, but the advisor can work from any reasonable location.

Primary/Core Responsibilities

Liaise and maintain relationships with focused ultrasound industry/commercialization community/investor sector with the following objectives:

Strategic introductions, including:

  • Investors to focused ultrasound companies raising capital
  • Focused ultrasound companies to other companies for strategic advancement of the technology
  • Focused ultrasound companies to academic sites

Advise focused ultrasound companies on:

    • Intellectual Property and technology transfer
    • Identification of core innovation
    • Management team building
    • Business model refinement
    • Go to market strategy (technical, regulatory, commercial)
    • Financing strategy (including partnerships, liquidity, IPO’s, acquisition)

    Develop roadmap for the rationalization and consolidation of the field

    Ideal Candidate

    • 10+ years in private market investing, consulting, or investment banking with extensive network
    • Familiarity with the medical device industry

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