This is a quick tutorial on updating pages in the Internal section of the website for slides on the display in the hallway.   You will need a website login in order to edit the slides here.

To login on the website front-end you'll need to go to this page

After you have logged in you will need to navigate back to the Internal pages section at

At this point if you have permission to adjust these pages you will see an edit button next to the different articles in this section, the following make up the pages pulled into the slides:

1. Weekly goals - This page has the goals for the current week in the format that Neal asked for them.

2. Wellness - This page is for information related to our wellness program, including Healthy Hints and other pertinent information

3. MOTD - This is a space for a message of the day, this could be a happy birthday message, an important reminder, holiday notification or quote or inspirational item.

4. Visitors - This is a space for the visitors for this week so that everyone's aware of what visitors we will have in the office.

5. Trips - This is a space to list the trips that various foundation personnel will be on throughout the coming week.

6. QOTD - Quote of the Day


Once you have made adjustments to the page, you will then click the Save button at the top.  Note, it's possible that for some of the pages the cache may need to be cleared, if you don't have access to the backend to clear the server cache you'll have to wait for the page to update in the cache (typically an hour) or ask Rachel or myself to clear the page cache for you.