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Research Site Technical Research Pre-Clinical Research Clinical Research Biological Effects Research City State/Province Country
Beijing Normal University Beijing Hainan China
Central South University, Third Xiangya Hospital Changsha Hunan China
Changjiangyuan Technology Development Co., Ltd. Beijing China
Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology Shenzhen Guangdong China
Chinese People's Liberation Army General Hospital, 1st Affiliated Hospital Beijing China
Chinese People's Liberation Army, 2nd Artillery General Hospital Beijing China
Chinese People's Liberation Army, 301st Hospital Beijing China
Chinese People's Liberation Army, 307th Hospital Beijing China
Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong China
Chongqing Haifu Hospital Chongqing China
Chongqing Medical University Chongqing China
Chongqing Medical University, Children's Hospital Chongqing China
Chongqing Medical University, First Affiliated Hospital Chongqing China
Chongqing Medical University, Second Affiliated Hospital Chongqing China
Dalian Medical University First Affiliated Hospital China
First People's Hospital of Shijiazhuang Shijiazhuang Hebei China
Fourth Military Medical University, Xijing Hospital Xi'an Shaanxi China
Fudan University, Huashan Hospital Changhai China
Fudan University, Shanghai Cancer Center Shanghai China
Henan University Huaihe Hospital Kaifeng Hainan China
Hong Kong Polytechnic University Hung Hom China
Jinan Military General Hospital Jinan China
Nanchang University First Affiliated Hospital Nanchang China
Nanjing Medical University First Affiliated Hospital - Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital Nanjing China
Nanjing University School of Medicine Nanjing Jiangsu China
Peking Union Medical College Hospital Beijing China
Peking University First Hospital Beijing China
Queen Mary Hospital of the University of Hong Kong Hong Kong China
Shanghai A&S Science Technology Development Co., Ltd. Pudong New Area, Shanghai China
Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shanghai Shanghai China
Shanghai Xuhui District Central Hospital Shanghai China
Shanghai Zhabei Central Hospital Zhabei Shanghai China
Shenzhen University Shenzhen Guangdong China
Shihezi University School of Medicine First Affiliated Hospital Shihezi City Xinjiang China
Southern Medical University Guangzhou China
Suining Central Hospital Suining Sichuan China
Sun Yat-Sen University Guangzhou China
Taipei Veterans General Hospital Taipei City Taiwan China
Tenth People's Hospital of Shanghai Shanghai China
Third Military Medical University Chongqing Chongqing China
Tianjin Medical University Heping Tianjin China
Tongji University, First Maternity and Infant Hospital Shanghai China
University of Hong Kong Hong Kong China
Wenzhou Medical University Wenzhou Zhejiang China
West China Medical Center of Sichuan University Chengdu Sichuan China
Wuhan University Wuhan Hubei China
Xi'an Jiaotong University Xi'an China
Xi'an JIaotong University First Affiliated Hospital Xi'an Shaanxi China
Xinxiang Medical College Affiliated Hospital Xinxiang Hainan China
Xuzhou Central Hospital Xuzhou Jiangsu China
Zhejiang University, Second Affiliated Hospital Hangzhou Zhejiang China
Zunyi Medical College, First Affiliated Hospital Zunyi Guizhou China

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