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Primary Contact: Nir Lipsman

Research Areas

Pre-Clinical Clinical Technical Bioeffect
None Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Bone Cancer
Essential Tremor
Brain Metastases, Breast Cancer
Uterine Fibroids
Alzheimer's Disease
Breast Tumors, Malignant
Pancreatic Tumors, Malignant
Pancreatic Tumors, Malignant
Head & Neck Tumors
Multiple Sclerosis
Drug Delivery Technology
FUS Transducer Technology, Thermal Ablation
FUS Physics
FUS Image Guidance, Ultrasound
FUS Image Guidance, MR
FUS Treatment Monitoring
FUS Simulation And Treatment Planning
Standards & QA
FUS Transducer Technology, Hyperthermia
FUS Transducer Technology, Non-thermal
FUS Transducer Technology, Histotripsy
FUS Transducer Technology, Other
Nonthermal - BBB Opening
Drug Delivery
Nonthermal - BBB Opening
Thermal Ablation - Immune Cell Trafficking
Nonthermal - Drug Delivery
Nonthermal - Chemosensitization
Nonthermal - Sonoporation
Nonthermal - Drug Delivery
Hyperthermia - Drug Delivery
Nonthermal - Stem Cell Delivery
Nonthermal - Clot Lysis
Nonthermal - Neuromodulation
Hyperthermia - Radiosensitization
Nonthermal - Vascular Occlusion
Thermal Ablation - Tissue Destruction


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