Evaluation of the Systemic Response to Boiling Histotripsy Treatment for Renal Carcinoma

Project Name: Evaluation of the Systemic Response to Boiling Histotripsy Treatment for Renal Carcinoma
Status: Complete
Primary Site: University of Washington
Sponsor Organization: Focused Ultrasound Foundation
Funded Date: Dec 01, 2015
Funding Period: Dec 01, 2015 - Apr 30, 2017
Funding Program: Research Award
Category: Pre-Clinical
Amount Awarded: $100,000.00


More efficacious and less invasive treatment strategies are needed for renal carcinoma (RCC). One promising approach is the focused ultrasound (FUS) technique known as boiling histotripsy (BH). BH is capable of mechanically destroying renal tumors in vivo with negligible thermal effects. BH ablation of RCC has been associated with release of endogenous danger signals, altered cytokine milieu and inflammatory infiltrate shortly after treatment indicative of an immune response. Because immunotherapy remains the only therapy capable of inducing long-term disease remission in ~5% of patients with metastatic disease, we hypothesize that the systemic immune response triggered by BH may provide additional therapeutic benefit beyond the local treatment. This hypothesis will be tested in two aims: 1) determine if BH ablation of RCC stimulates a systemic anti-tumor immune response and 2) evaluate the long-term oncologic effects of BH ablation of RCC. We propose to treat RCC in the Eker rat with extracorporeal BH or sham FUS procedures. We will then characterize the immune response following BH vs. SHAM treatments and the oncologic impact of BH vs. SHAM treatment on both the targeted tumor, as well as non-treated tumors in both the ipsilateral and contralateral kidney. We believe the proposed study will demonstrate that BH treatment of RCC will stimulate an anti-tumor immune response and yield potential targets to improve this response. Ultimately, we hypothesize that this approach could improve outcomes of focal therapy and could lead to a clinically actionable combination FUS immunotherapy to improve response rates and outcomes for metastatic RCC

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