Study of standing waves and secondary focal spots

Project Name: Study of standing waves and secondary focal spots
Status: Complete
Primary Site: Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Sponsor Organization: Focused Ultrasound Foundation
Funded Date: Jun 15, 2011
Funding Period: Jun 15, 2011 - Sep 15, 2012
Funding Program: Brain Program
Category: Technical
Amount Awarded: $100,756.00


The application of closed skull ultrasound treatment may potentially cause secondary hot spots and standing waves effects. Standing waves have been shown to be present and potentially contributing to tissue damage in thrombolysis trials with unfocused low frequency ultrasound as was demonstrated by a simulation study(Baron et al. 2009). To answer the importance of standing waves and other secondary hot spots resulting from reflections accurate and validated computer simulations are needed. This proposal is collaboration between the top ultrasound groups who have experience with simulating ultrasound propagation through skull. Several different methods have been used for ultrasound field simulations in the brain (for example (Aubry et al. 2001;Aubry et al. 2003;Clement and Hynynen 2002;Clement et al. 2004;Connor and Hynynen 2004)) and it is not obvious which one of these programs is the best for standing wave and reflection simulations. In addition it is not clear how well the programs predict the ultrasound field. Therefore the plan is to compare and validate the various simulation programs used for brain studies and then use them to investigate the role of reflections and standing waves in trans-skull ultrasound treatments of brain.

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