MRI Guidance of Focused Ultrasound Neurosurgery

Project Name: MRI Guidance of Focused Ultrasound Neurosurgery
Status: Active
Primary Site: University of Virginia Health System
Sponsor Organization: Focused Ultrasound Foundation
Funded Date: Oct 24, 2019
Funding Period: Oct 24, 2019 - Jan 24, 2022
Funding Program: Brain Program
Category: Technical
Amount Awarded: $84,788.71


1. Develop a robust and rapid eddy current characterization method that can describe how eddy currents perturb the scanner’s magnetic field. Test the ability of these characterizations to improve echo planar and spiral thermometry and diffusion MRI sequences. Publish models of the eddy currents of both a 650 kHz and 220 kHz transcranial transducers as a function of their position and azimuthal angle in an MRI scanner. 2. Develop maximized energy deblurring algorithms for MR thermometry. Acquire temperature precisions and accuracy estimates in phantoms. Acquire temperature precisions estimates in human volunteers. Compare the results to the previous spiral MR thermometry method and to the current clinical thermometry implementation.

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