Focused ultrasound stimulation of the immune response in a breast cancer model

Project Name: Focused ultrasound stimulation of the immune response in a breast cancer model
Status: Active
Primary Site: Inserm LabTAU
Sponsor Organization: Focused Ultrasound Foundation
Funded Date: Oct 16, 2019
Funding Period: Oct 16, 2019 - Oct 16, 2020
Funding Program: Immunotherapy
Category: Pre-Clinical
Amount Awarded: $0.00


Immunotherapy has been delivering some impressive results, but only for a fraction of patients. Thus, one of the challenges for the next decade is to generate an efficient anti-tumor immune response in all patients. Focused ultrasound (FUS) have shown some potential to activate the immune-system, but this immune response alone does not seem sufficient to trigger cancer cure. However, whether the combination of FUS and immunotherapy leads to an efficient anti-tumor immune response is still unknown. Moreover the diverse FUS modalities, such as thermal or mechanical modes of action, may trigger different anti-tumor immune response depending on the tumor type and localization and thus improve immunotherapies in refractory patients. This project proposes to characterize immune-system activation in response to two modes of FUS (thermal ablation and cavitation) in breast mouse tumour-models and analyze their combination with immunotherapy treatments on tumor-growth and survival. We will especially investigate the role of immunogenic cell-death (ICD) and immune cells population recruitment after treatments, two mechanisms probably responsible for a synergistic action between FUS and immunotherapies. This project, gathering the complementary expertise of three labs (LabTAU for FUS, the Marie Lab for immunological investigations and the Gibert/Mehlen lab for the tumor and mouse model analysis) should rapidly decipher which FUS approaches in complement with an immunotherapy leads to the best anti-tumor immune response for tumors opening the path towards clinical applications to a large number of patients.

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