Pediatrics Program

The Foundation recognizes the tremendous impact that focused ultrasound could have on children who are faced with several different diseases and conditions. The noninvasive nature of this technology makes it especially attractive as a treatment option for the pediatric population as it has fewer side effects than traditional treatments. There are a variety of pediatric indications for which focused ultrasound is already being used or studied, but there remain many conditions which have clinical unmet needs where focused ultrasound could play a role.

Through our dedicated Pediatrics Program and in collaboration with our partners and the research community, we aim to explore and assess the full potential of focused ultrasound for the pediatric population through support of preclinical laboratory studies, clinical trials and expanded regulatory approvals.


The Foundation is interested in receiving research proposals, both preclinical and clinical, that examine focused ultrasound for pediatric-specific diseases and conditions. This includes but is not limited to pediatric cancers, pediatric pain conditions, and pediatric neurological and genetic disorders.

Current Projects

The current body of projects that the Foundation is funding includes preclinical and clinical work with focused ultrasound for osteoid osteoma, soft tissue tumors, benign brain tumors, neurofibromatosis, and diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG).

Apply for Funding

Learn more about the Foundation’s funding opportunities and how to apply on the For Researchers section of our website.

Suggested Reading & Media

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