Focused ultrasound can be used to treat several painful musculoskeletal conditions.

The technology is approved in Europe and the U.S. to relieve the pain in patients with bone metastases. It is also currently approved in Europe to reduce the pain associated with back pain originating from facet arthritis by noninvasively destroying the nerves of the affected facet joint. In addition, focused ultrasound is approved to heat and destroy small benign bone tumors in children and adults (such as osteoid osteoma).

A clinical trial will soon start in the U.S. to assess focused ultrasound for treating sacroilitis, an inflammation of the sacroiliac joint (where the lower spine and pelvis connect).

In addition, groups around the world are evaluating the potential of focused ultrasound to alleviate osteoarthritic pain of the knee. 

Learn more about focused ultrasound for:

clinical stages key

Arthritis Clinical Trials icon    
Arthritis, Hand Clinical Trials icon    
Arthritis, Hip Clinical Trials icon    
Arthritis, Knee Clinical Trials icon    
Arthritis, Sacroiliac Early Stage icon    
Back Pain Outside Approval icon Clinical Trials icon  
Bone Metastases FDA Approved icon Outside Approval icon Clinical Trials icon
Bone Tumors Outside Approval icon Clinical Trials icon  
Desmoid Tumors
Outside Approval icon Clinical Trials icon  
Disc Degeneration Early Stage icon    
Epicondylitis Outside Approval icon    
Heterotopic Ossification Early Stage icon    
Multiple Myeloma
Outside Approval icon Clinical Trials icon  
Muscle Atrophy Early Stage icon    
Osteoid Osteoma Outside Approval icon Clinical Trials icon  
Osteomyelitis Early Stage icon    
Osteopenia Early Stage icon    
Plantar Fasciitis Clinical Trials icon    
Rotator Cuff Injury Early Stage icon    
Sacral Chordomas Clinical Trials icon    
Sacroiliitis Clinical Trials icon    
Soft Tissue Injury Outside Approval icon    
Soft Tissue Tumors Outside Approval icon Clinical Trials icon  
Spinal Cord Injury Early Stage icon    
Tendon Contracture Early Stage icon    



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