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Treatment Site Commercial Treatment Clinical Trial City State/Province Country
Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine First Affiliated Hospital Zhengzhou Hainan China
Heze Second People's Hospital Heze Shandong China
Huabei Oil Field General Hospital Cangzhou Hebei China
Huaibei Peace Hospital Huaibei Hubei China
Huainan Eastern Hospital Group Huainan Anhui China
Huanggang Huangzhou Duchengzhen Health Center Huanggang Hubei China
Huangyan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Taizhou Zhejiang China
Hubei Province Maternal and Child Health Hospital Wuhan Hubei China
Hunan Provincial People's Hospital Changsha Hunan China
Jiangmen Wuyi Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Jiangmen Guangdong China
Jiangsu Armed Police Corps Hospital Yangzhou Jiangsu China
Jiangsu Cancer Hospital Nanjing Jiangsu China
Jiangsu Guanyun County People's Hospital Guanyun Jiangsu China
Jiangsu University, Second Affiliated Hospital Zhenjiang China
Jiaxing Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital Jiaxing Zhejiang China
Jilin Ganan County People's Hospital Jilin China
Jilin University First Hospital Chuanying China
Jinan Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital Jinan Shandong China
Jinan Military General Hospital Jinan China
Jinan University First Affiliated Hospital Guangzhou China
Jinzhou Central Hospital Jinzhou Hubei China
Jiugang Hospital Jiayuguan Gansu China
Jiujiang Maternal and Child Health Hospital Jiujiang Jiangxi China
Jixi People's Hospital Jixi Heilongjiang China
Kunming Medical University, First Affiliated Hospital Kunming Yunnan China
Lai'an Jianing Hospital Chuzhou Anhui China
Liaoning Cancer Hospital & Institute Fushun Liaoning China
Linying County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Henan Linying Hainan China
Lu'an Civily Hospital Lu'an Anhui China
Luoyang Central Hospital Luoyang Hainan China
Maternal & Child Care Service Center of Kaizhou, Chongqing Kaizhou District Chongqing China
Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Tai'an City Tai'an Shandong China
Medical College of Chinese People's Armed Police Forces, Affiliated Hospital Tianjin China
Nanchang University First Affiliated Hospital Nanchang China
Nanchong Fifth People's Hospital Nanchong Sichuan China
Nanchuan District People's Hospital of Chongqing Nanchuan China
Nanjing Medical University First Affiliated Hospital - Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital Nanjing China
Nanjing University School of Medicine Nanjing Jiangsu China
Nanshi Hospital Nanyang Hainan China
Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Changchun City Changchun Jilin China
Peking Union Medical College Hospital Beijing China
Peking University First Hospital Beijing China
Peking University People's Hospital Beijing China
People's Hospital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Nanning Guangxi China
People's Hospital of Kai Xian County Kaixian Chongqing China
Punan Hospital Shanghai China
Qinghai Medical College Affiliated Hospital Xining Qinghai China
Qinghai Red Cross Hospital Xining Qinghai China
Qingyuan Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital Qingyuan Guangdong China
Qiqihar Medical College, Third Affiliated Hospital Qiqihar Heilongjiang China
Quanzhou Macare Women's Hospital Quanzhou Fujian China
Queen Mary Hospital of the University of Hong Kong Hong Kong China
Qujing Qilin District People's Hospital Qujing Yunnan China
Renji Hospital Shanghai China
Ruzhou First People's Hospital Ruzhou Hainan China
Second People's Hospital of Luyi Zhoukou Henan China
Shaanxi Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital Xi'an Shaanxi China
Shandong Cancer Hospital Jinan Shandong China
Shandong Qianfoshan Hospital Jinan Shandong China
Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Dongying Shandong China
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Sixth People's Hospital Shanghai China
Shanghai Shuguang Hospital Shanghai China
Shanghai Xuhui District Central Hospital Shanghai China
Shanghai Zhabei Central Hospital Zhabei Shanghai China
Shanxi People's Hospital Taiyuan Shanxi China
Shanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Affiliated Hospital Taiyuan Shaanxi China
Shatuo Yi-min Hospital Shantou China
Shenzhen Maternity and Child Healthcare Hospital Shenzhen Guangdong China
Shihezi University School of Medicine First Affiliated Hospital Shihezi City Xinjiang China
Shuangnan Hospital, Chengdu Chengdu Sichuan China
Sichuan University, West China Medical Center Chengdu Sichuan China
Sixth People's Hospital of Neijiang Neijiang Sichuan China
Southern Medical University Guangzhou China
Suining Central Hospital Suining Sichuan China
Suining Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Suining Sichuan China
Sun Yat-Sen University Cancer Center Guangzhou China
Tenth People's Hospital of Shanghai Shanghai China
Tongji University, First Maternity and Infant Hospital Shanghai China
Tongxu People's Hospital Kaifeng Hainan China
Wannan Medical College, First Affliated Hospital Wuhu Anhui China
Weihai Central Hospital Weihai Shandong China
Wenzhou Medical University Wenzhou Zhejiang China
Wuhan Puren Hospital Wuhen Hubei China
Wuhou District People's Hospital Chengdu Chengdu China
Xi'an Jiaotong University First Affiliated Hospital Xi'an Shaanxi China
Xiaoshan District Family Planning Guidance Station Hangzhou Zhejiang China
Xingtai People's Hospital Xingtai Hebei China
Xinjiang Korla Hospital Korla Xinjiang China
Xinxiang Medical College Affiliated Hospital Xinxiang Hainan China
Xuzhou Central Hospital Xuzhou Jiangsu China
Xuzhou Medical University, Lian Yungang Oriental Hospital Lianyungang Jiangsu China
Yanbian Tianquan Hospital Yan Ji Jilin China
Yinchuan Road Community Health Service Station Wulumuqi Xinjiang China
Yiyang Medical College Affiliated Hospital Yiyang Hunan China
Yongchuan Maternal and Child Health Hospital Fuling Chongqing China
Zhangqiu Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital Jinan Shandong China
Zhejiang Cancer Hospital Quzhou Zhejiang China
Zhejiang University, Second Affiliated Hospital Hangzhou Zhejiang China
Zhouzhi County People's Hospital Xi'an Shaanxi China
Zibo Municipal Maternal & Children Health Hospital Zibo Shandong China
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