The Foundation organizes, conducts and funds research to provide evidence of feasibility, safety, efficacy and cost for use by a variety of stakeholders, including physicians, regulatory agencies, third-party payers, manufacturers and investors.

The strategic focus of our research program is the rapid development (5 to 7 years) of new indications that have the potential to fulfill a critical unmet clinical need or are superior to best current therapy, will be cost-effective and reimbursable, and can be widely adopted as a standard of care.

The programs' niche is translational research – the application, rather than the discovery, of knowledge. The Foundation funds preclinical studies and clinical trials, as well as the development of technology when it is needed to overcome a proximate impediment to preclinical or clinical studies. 

In addition, the Foundation will fund certain high risk, high impact, early-stage studies that have the potential to impact the field broadly.

When possible, the Foundation will partner with other foundations or government sources of funding to leverage our financial and intellectual capital. Our policy is to make all intellectual property derived from Foundation funding as freely available as possible.

Our research model is iconoclastic, involving a paradigm shift with significant changes in traditional researcher behaviors - emphasizing collaboration, transparency and partnerships - and breaking down silos of secrecy.

The Foundation employs two research programsthe Intramural Research Program which is Foundation initiated and the External Awards Program which is investigator initiated. Both programs are tightly managed and milestone driven. 

Intramural Research Program

In the Intramural Research Program, research is conducted by Foundation staff and supplemented by contracts with academia and industry. The primary focus of the Intramural Program has been brain applications, with liver and pancreas next in priority. 

External Awards Program

In the External Awards Program, investigators apply to the Foundation, and projects are funded on a competitive, peer-reviewed basis similar to the process used by NIH and disease specific foundations. Apply for Funding

See Foundation-Funded research projects.

Journal of Therapeutic Ultrasound

The Journal of Therapeutic Ultrasound is an open access, peer-reviewed, online journal publishing technical, translational and clinical research. The Journal was established as a partnership between the Foundation, the International Society for Therapeutic Ultrasound, and BioMed Central to enable the research community to rapidly disseminate research findings. With a global audience, the Journal stimulates synergies and raises the profile of the technology and its potential across a range of medical conditions.

The Journal of Therapeutic Ultrasound is an excellent forum for investigators who want to maximize the reach of their research, reduce submission-to-publication turnaround times and retain full rights to their articles. The Journal publishes research articles, case reports, reviews, meeting reports, and study protocols. All article-processing charges for the Journal are currently covered by the Focused Ultrasound Foundation.

To read published articles, subscribe for new article alerts, learn about the Journal editorial board, or read more about the Journal please go to jtultrasound.com.